Technical partner of JIR, Teknofibra® has long been known in the industry and used by prestigious Moto2, World Superbike, CIV and many others teams, for the following applications:

  • Protection of fairing and belly positioned in close proximity of the exhaust pipes.
  • Interposed between air box and throttle body allows the aspiration of cold air.
  • Glued under the tank keeps the lower the fuel temperature.
  • It maintains a stable temperature of the gas /oil on the nitrogen tank bladder of the dampers installed near the exhaust pipes.
  • Protects the battery and wiring avoiding problems to the ECU.
  • Protection of electronic components in hot areas.
  • Under the saddle and the cowl cover It protects the rider from the heat transmitted from the engine and the exhaust system.
  • More generally, to solve any problem of heat.




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