Distributed by TECNAUTO Srl in Milan, company that is present since over 40 years on the market Teknofibra® has become a leading product in the sector. It is used by the most prestigious teams in each category, from rally to F1, the racing car manufacturers and car high-end.manufacturers.

Protection of the body and bottom of the car close to the exhaust system , turbo and many other applications:

  • insulation of cables, air ducts and the fuel system in hot areas.
  • Isolation of carbon parts. Insulation of the braking system.
  • Insulation of the firewall and construction of hot or cold compartments.
  • Creation of shields for sleeves, turbo and exhaust system.
  • Protects the battery and wiring avoiding problems to the ECU.
  • Protection of electronic components in hot areas.
  • Coating of medium temperature components (oil filters, tanks, etc.).
  • Sound-absorbing coatings in the engine compartment and other areas or cavities.
  • More generally, to solve any problem of heat.




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