Constant research

Teknofibra's R&D department is constantly looking for innovative and high-performance solutions.

Lightness and strengthCarbon fibre

A lightweight non-woven fabric that provides three times more protection from sound and thermal stress than normal insulation.

Safety and performanceIn flight and on the track

A non-toxic and flame-retardant fibre that regulates the heat of the most sensitive parts of the vehicle, maintaining high-level performance in maximum safety.


The lightness of carbon makes Teknofibra® the perfect insulator for aeronautical use. Absolutely lighter than its competitors, Teknofibra® protects the fuselages of aircraft that have gone beyond all limits.


The organic composition of Teknofibra® non-woven fabric guarantees maximum safety and non-toxicity in every situation. In the event of a fire, it does not produce harmful emissions, preserving total safety.

It does not burn

The heat-reflecting and insulating characteristics of Teknofibra® guarantee resistance even to extreme temperatures.

Sound absorbing

High-level performance requires maximum concentration. Teknofibra® panels dramatically reduce excessive noise that can distract and compromise results.
Carbon fibre core

The lightest in the world

The natural lightness of carbon makes Teknofibra the perfect insulator for use at high altitudes. Lighter ever compared to its competitors, our organic fiber fabric has protected the fuselages of those aircraft that have gone beyond all limits.
Fire does not attack him

High temperature protection

The impressive heat-reflecting and insulating characteristics of Teknofibra® guarantee resistance and protection, even at extreme temperatures. The screen provided by the carbon fiber panels defends mechanical parts and drivers from the highest thermal stress. Not only that, the parts protected with Teknofibra® are not attacked by fire in the event of a fire.
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