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Teknofibra® products can be used in all situations where it is necessary to protect materials or people from high temperatures.
Lightweight products


Lightweight and compact Teknofibra® is the ideal solution for aircraft. The performance of Teknofibra® panels far exceeds what competing products can achieve with much higher thicknesses and weights.
Resistance to high temperatures
Extremely lightweight
Very thin
Unmatched performance

Car racing

Teknofibra® ensures the reliability of your vehicle by protecting the delicate parts and components that are essential for better performance.
Resistant and flexible
Increased driving comfort
Absorbs noise
Uncompromising performance


When space is at a premium and cooling flow is at a premium, it is essential to have a partner that can support your bike's performance. Thin and light, Teknofibra® allows you to insulate performance-critical components such as the fuel tank and fuel flow by reducing their temperature by up to 15°C.
Insulation of key components
Lightweight and slim
Designed for extreme conditions