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Extremely light and thin products

Teknofibra® products have been made to be very light. Teknofibra® is the only one to offer products with very high heat-reflecting properties and able to protect from the most extreme heat with such thin thicknesses.
Extremely light products
Protects from high temperatures
Absorbs noise
Extremely thin
Suitable for any surface

75% lighter

Teknofibra® products are up to 75% lighter than its competitors and find their natural place in aeronautics. Within our research we have been observing for some time the problems related to heat and noise management, especially on ultra-light aircraft and experimental that have led over time to the creation of a specific product for the aeronautical sector, for the protection of fuselage, wiring and all other parts exposed to thermal radiation from high temperature sources (collectors, exhausts, turbo).

The thermal insulation system developed for the aviation world allows you to create an effective protective screen that protects the most delicate and sensitive parts of the aircraft. Teknofibra®, suitably applied in strategic points of the aircraft, raises a heat-reflecting barrier, effective even in case of direct contact with the heat source.

Noise absorption

The sound-absorbing capabilities of Teknofibra® can also guarantee the correct acoustic insulation of the aircraft. Appropriate coatings with Teknofibra® sound-absorbing panels, invasive and annoying noises are significantly reduced, improving flight comfort.
The desire for innovation and our attention to detail has led to the creation of important partnerships with prestigious brands in the sector. We are currently one of the technical partners of Porto aviation Group which oversaw the birth of the ULM Risen aircraft. This plane broke an impressive series of world speed records in a short time and became the protagonist of an exciting 5-day crossing from Italy to Uruguay, a feat that still appears impossible today for an aircraft of its range. Teknofibra® is proud to have accompanied Risen and contributed to the realization of these epochal enterprises.

Sound absorbing

Reducing noise increases interior comfort.


75% lighter than our competitors' products.

Thermal insulation

Heat-reflective capabilities lower component and interior temperatures.