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In racing as well as on the road, safety and reliability are essential requirements for a car that wants to perform to its full potential.
Performance on and off the track

Heat protection for uncompromising performance

The safety and reliability of your vehicle are details that cannot be overlooked and that deserve not only the right attention, but also the best solutions that technology is able to offer. Teknofibra® with its innovative range of products is in the cutting edge in racing cars.
Lightweight and durable
Protection against high temperatures
Absorbs noise
Very thin
Adaptable and mouldable to any surface

Effective thermal insulation

The carbon fiber panels developed in our workshops have established themselves on the market as the new standard in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation. A discreet and effective presence, which has become indispensable in every car that aims for great goals.
The performance of Teknofibra® products guarantees a heat reflective screen, which protects the most delicate sections of the car, ensuring a safe and uncompromising race. The lightness of our special fiber does not penalize performance from the point of view of speed and power.
Driver and bodywork are protected from exposure to heat emanating from the engine, exhausts and turbo.

Teknofibra® is chosen by top teams

The heat shield created protects even the most delicate sections of the car, keeping temperatures low in the event of high thermal stress. Not only that, but our products thermally insulate the now essential electronic components, preserving its correct functioning in every situation.
Thanks to its unique features on the market, Teknofibra® is now an integral part of the vehicles of many of the most successful teams in the entire racing car and super cars sector. The close collaborations with the most prestigious brands have led our technology to compete at absolute levels of excellence in every corner of the world. From Formula 1 to formula Indy, Nascar, Super cars, Rally and many more we contribute to creating winning cars and new sporting myths.

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Extreme lightness

To make the most of the motor's power without weighing down the structure.

Absorbs noise

Reduces the noise transmitted into the cockpit by increasing the driver's concentration.

Thermal reflective

Prevents heat from damaging engine components and delicate parts.