Protection on the trackmotorcyclingMotociclismo

Velocità e Sicurezza sono gli elementi chiave, che Teknofibra® ha individuato in una strategia vincente nelle moto da competizione.
Performance on and off the track

Heat protection for uncompromising performance

The safety and reliability of your vehicle are details that cannot be overlooked and that deserve not only the right attention, but also the best solutions that technology has to offer. Teknofibra® with its innovative range of products occupies a prominent place in the field of racing motorcycles.
Thin and resistant
Protects from high temperatures
Isolate the fuel
Very light
Adaptable and mouldable on any surface

A push towards victory

Every little detail can make the difference between a win and a second place. The innovative products of Teknofibra® have carved out a leading role in the motorcycle sector, forging successful partnerships with the reference teams of the entire racing scene.
Our products, designed and developed to compete at a high level, find their place among the fairings of the most iconic motorcycles, which compete in every corner of the world, for titles and trophies. Constant research has allowed us to perfect the thermal and sound-absorbing performance of our fiber, without compromising. Teknofibra®, thanks to its natural lightness, does not affect performance in terms of speed and power. Not only that, the heat-reflecting qualities of our panels can protect the rider from the heat released by the engine and exhausts, guaranteeing a race in complete safety.

Prestigious partnerships

The screen created by our carbon fiber provides the correct insulation of the most fragile parts exposed to high temperatures. Teknofibra® also works as a thermoregulator of fuel, oil and obviously the main fuel tank. The electronic component, now fundamental in every competition, is completely protected from thermal stress, while maintaining reliability and efficiency.
Our natural propensity for excellence, over the last few years, has allowed us to collaborate with the most prestigious brands and teams, competing in the MotoGP, Moto2, World Suberbike and CIV categories.
We are currently the official technical partner of Team Barni Racing Team SPARK which, with 150 podiums and 13 riders & teams championships, is the most successful motorcycle team in the history of Italy.

Rider Motorbike on the road riding. having fun driving the empty road

Does not weigh down

The lightness of Teknofibra® does not weigh down the structure of your motorcycle.

Incredibly thin

The small size of Teknofibra® is ideal when room is extremely limited.

Lower the temperatures

Thanks to Teknofibra®, temperatures can be lowered, especially in the fuel lines and tank, increasing the performance of the bike.