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All Teknofibra® products are the result of a long process of research and development. Instrumental tests certify our solution as the best on the market in terms of both performance and lightness.
For large areas

Heat-reflecting panel

A self-adhesive panel so malleable that it can be adapted to any shape and form. Può essere attaccato ad ogni superficie garantendo la massima tenuta ed efficienzza. Viene prodotto in spessori che variano da 0,8 millimetri fino a 10 millimetri, con un peso di appena 260 grammi al m2 per la versione da 0,8 millimetri di spessore.
Resistance up to 400°C
Weighs only 260 g/m<sup>2</sup>
A few millimetres thick
Quick to assemble


A preformed sleeve with a double reflective panel. With diameters ranging from 15 to 40 millimetres and a weight of just 22 grams per metre. They protect the fluids running through the vehicle's pipes without the need for complex bundling.
Resistant and flexible
Weighs only 22 g/m
Preformed tubulars
Point contact

Teknofibra® contact

A panel suitable for extreme conditions and ideal for protecting contact elements. It is produced in a thickness of 3.5 millimetres and, on request, also with a double aluminium panel to resist up to over 1000*C.
Resistance up to 1000°C
Weighs only 286 g/m<sup>2</sup>
Ideal for extreme conditions
Precision finishes

Aluminium adhesive tape

It is ideal for sealing raw cut parts and further increasing performance. Prevents seepage into the fibre caused by the thicknesses exposed by the cut. An indispensable and extremely lightweight premium finish.
Resistant to high temperatures
Weighs only 6 g/m
Protects carbon fibre panels