Aluminium adhesive tape

Attention to detail is at the heart of a successful challenge. Teknofibra® aluminium adhesive tape allows the edges of panels to be sealed to prevent water infiltration which could compromise the results of a project.
Aluminium adhesive tape

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Precision and attention to detail are key elements in completing perfectly executed installations. Teknofibra® has always been focused on anticipating and satisfying the needs of its customers and has created an aluminium adhesive tape dedicated to precision finishing.
Resistant to high temperatures
Customisable dimensions
Weights only 6 g/m (25 mm width)
Protects installed parts and ensures their durability
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Its extreme flexibility makes it adaptable to any type of surface and any geometry.


The thickness and length of the ribbon is fully customisable.

Does not weigh down

With its 6 gr / m* it allows to finish without weighing down the structure. * 25 mm wide roll


It seals the edges of Teknofibra® panels, preventing liquids and dirt from getting inside the protection.

Simple and practicalA detail that cannot be missing

Your project deserves attention to detail that does not compromise the performance of this insulation. Teknofibra® has always been committed to anticipating and satisfying the needs of its customers and has developed appropriate finishing tapes.

Teknofibra® aluminum adhesive tape is the perfect solution for sealing edges thus protecting the carbon inside from water, fuel, oil, acids and more.

Easy to use , it is easily applied on the edges of the installed Teknofibra® elements, obtaining a perfectly watertight seal.

Supplied in rolls of 20 metres in standard sizes, Teknofibra® aluminium adhesive tape can also be customised to meet the needs of designers and customers. Thickness, adhesive and width are all features that the natural versatility of Teknofibra® allows for customisation to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Choose the Teknofibra® aluminum adhesive tape your project requiresAluminum adhesive tapes available

Summary table of available Teknofibra® aluminium adhesive tapes. Please use the product code shown to place an order.
CodiceLarghezza (mm)Peso (gr/m)Dimensioni (m/rotolo)
* Larghezza e lunghezza dei rotoli sono personalizzabili secondo esigenze.

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