Heat-reflecting panel

Teknofibra sets new safety standards thanks to its adhesive lightweight heat-reflecting panel. Thanks to its extremely mouldable and flexible nature, the Teknofibra adhesive heat-reflecting panel allows each part of the vehicle to be insulated from radiant heat, from the fuel flow pipe to the carbon fiber fairings.
Teknofibra adhesive heat-reflective panels

Thin and lightweight panelLightweight

Constant research has allowed us, over the years, to improve our lightweight heat-reflecting panel and achieve unprecedented heat insulation performance. In the sector, Teknofibra has defined new safety standards, creating successful team-ups in synergy with the best brands in the world.
The lightest in the world
Lower the temperatures
Self-adhesive panel
Adaptable to any surface
Unrivaled heat defense
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Extremely flexible

A soft structure like a cloth that can adapt to any type of surface.

The lightest

The 0.8 mm panel protects against heat with only 260 gr/m2.

Sound absorbing

Its structure absorbs noise making it ideal for application as a firewall.

Heat protection

Guaranteed protection up to 600 ° C

Practicality and simplicityAdaptable to any element

The Teknofibra® adhesive heat-reflecting panel has become the reference product of the market, finding a place on cars, motorcycles and aircraft, which make prestige and competitiveness their trademark.

Teknofibra has developed several partnerships that have allowed the self-adhesive lightweight heat-reflecting panels to protect and insulate fairings, air-box filters, tanks, fuel flow pipes from radiant heat. An effective shield that guarantees high performance in any temperature or thermal stress condition.

The ease of use and its natural lightness make Teknofibra heat reflective panels the ideal choice for those looking for maximum protection from heat, without limiting performance both on and off the track.

Teknofibra heat reflective panels, with their extreme lightness, are the ideal choice when weight matters. In the aeronautical sector, with its limited spaces and the need for ever lighter elements, the self-adhesive heat reflective panels by Teknofibra® they can make a difference and make it possible to carry out projects that would otherwise be impossible to carry out

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Summary table of the Teknofibra self-adhesive lightweight heat-reflecting panels available. Use the product code shown to place an order.
CodeThickness (mm)Weight (gr/m2)Height (mm)
* With a double-sided heat-reflecting surface and without adhesive

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