A pre-formed sheath with double reflective wall. With diameters ranging from 15 to 40 millimeters and a weight of only 33 grams per meter. They protect the fluids that flow inside the vehicle pipes without the need for complex bandages.
Teknofibra® sleeves

Unmatched performancePerformance

In guaranteeing superior levels of safety, Teknofibra® has created a new line of high performance products, unmatched on the market. No product is able to provide similar performance with such thin thicknesses.
Super light
Double heat reflective coating
Preformed tubulars
No complex bandages
The lightest on the market
Better heat defense than the competition

Extremely lightweight

The lightest sheath weighs only 22 g/m.

Protected pipes

Preformed tube provides ideal protection without any flaw

Preformed tubulars

No complex bandaging to protect the tubes. Our sleeves fit like a glove.

Heat protection

Ideal for keeping fuel line temperatures low.

Advanced solutionsEngineering solutions

The Teknofibra® sleeves designed in our R&D department protect the most sensitive parts and subject to greater stresses from thermal radiation and excessive heat.

Pipes, sensors and cables are perfectly insulated by the Teknofibra® sleeves, without limiting their performance. The double heat reflective shielding (internal and external), made with our fiber, guarantees maximum protection in every situation.
Furthermore, the natural lightness of carbon makes Teknofibra® sleeves a unique product of its kind, perfect for use in car and aeronautical competitions.

The standard line of Teknofibra® sleeves allows to cover most applications in every field. However, customizations are available for solutions that require a tailored approach. It is possible to make our heat reflective sleeves, taking into account your needs and requirements. Thickness, diameter, are just some of the characteristics that we are ready to design especially for you.

Choose the right sleeve for your projectSleeves available

Summary table of the available Teknofibra® sleeves. Use the product code shown to place an order.
CodiceDiametro (mm)PesoLunghezza (m)
52017107131522 g/m20
52017107232029 g/m20
52017107333046 g/m20
52017107434051 g/m20
51025006181530 g/m1,40
51025006382040 g/m1,40
51025006583263,5 g/m1,40
51025006684071 g/m1,40

Realise your project

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