Teknofibra® contact

When the situation overheats Teknofibra® contact is the right partner for you. Designed to be used in contact with the radiant surface, Teknofibra® contact has been tested with temperatures up to 1000° C (1832° F).
Teknofibra® contact

For extreme conditionsEstremo

A panel suitable for extreme conditions, ideal for protecting elements in contact with sources at high temperatures. It is produced in a thickness of 3.5 mm and, on request, also with a double aluminum panel. Withstands contact up to over 1000° C (1832° F).
Resistance up to 1000 ° C
Heat protection
It weighs only 1,650 gr/m²
Ideal for extreme conditions
High performance in narrow spaces

Double coating

Available with a double heat reflective panel.

Top protection

Thanks to the double panel it protects from heat up to 1000° C (1832° F).

Absorbs noise

Its particular microstructure allows to reduce the noise transmission.

Very light

No product can provide the same performance with this lightness.

It is unrivaledSynergy between aluminum and carbon

How to ensure maximum protection, even at temperatures of nearly 1000° C (1832° F) ? The answer is only one: Teknofibra® contact. An aluminum and carbon panel that protects from heat and meets the demands of the most visionary designers and lovers of extreme conditions.

Teknofribra® contact was created with the precise aim of rebalancing the temperatures of the flat parts in contact with the exhaust manifolds or exposed to the thermal stress of the turbo. Equipped with a thicker, knurled aluminum layer, our panel prevents heat from penetrating and allows excellent lateral dissipation. A surface insulated with Teknofibra® contact, subjected to a thermal stress of 1000° C (1832° F), maintains an external temperature of about 56° C (132° F)*.

* Under our test conditions

Teknofibra® Contact panel is available in a variant with aluminum on both sides for those cases in which adhesive fixing is not necessary to allow even more effective heat insulation.

Choose the Teknofibra® contact panel that best suits your needsAvailable panels

Summary table of the available Teknofibra® contact panels. Use the product code shown to place an order.
CodeThickness (mm)Wight (gr/m2)Size (mm)
13012117773,51680265 x 620
1301311777*3,51850265 x 620
* With double aluminium panel and without self-adhesive tape

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